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My Story:

"I myself suffered for years from debilitating headache, neck and shoulder pain due to injury, and had it completely released in one session by a skilled practitioner.  A desire to understand and share such miraculous recovery inspired my career as an LMT. Now, with more than ten thousand hours clinical experience in the offices of chiropractors, naturopathic physicians and acupuncturists, I've developed the advanced, orthopedic skill sets which allow me to provide that same relief for others.


As an Orthopedic Massage Specialist I have extensive experience working with all areas of the body, but find particular joy helping clients who suffer from Migraine, TMJD and Chronic Headache get their lives back. Rather than treating symptoms, this gentle yet effective work addresses the root causes of musculo-skeletal pain with advanced, less practiced techniques for the head, neck and shoulders, including intra-oral massage when necessary for the treatment of TMJ disorder.


It's my goal to provide clients pain relief in their very first visit, and in as few as three treatments lasting reduction in the frequency and severity of their headache/TMJ pain. I've also made it my mission to bring this work to all who could benefit, offering individualized billing terms to make care affordable. Don't miss this opportunity to experience relief from your pain today!"


I welcome clients with Low Back Pain, Shoulder, Elbow or Hand injuries, Ankles, Knees, Toes and Feet, but Headache and TMJ Pain Relief are why I'm known best.  Find out why, book today!




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I have relocated my practice to my home office in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood of North Portland. Address available upon booking, or by text or phone when necessary.​​

  • 503-206-6356

What can you do to help my Headache/TMJ pain?

While our personal histories which lead to Headache and TMJ pain are varied, the commonalities we find in the vast majority of cases are chronically inflamed Trigger Points  (or "knots") in the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders, which refer pain into the forehead, temples, jaw and behind the eyes, and restrict range of motion throughout the region.


By expertly releasing these "knots" and increasing blood supply to the muscle tissue we can often reduce spasm and pain, providing relaxation and a more dynamic range of motion. Clients often experience significant relief in their very first session, remarking that it feels like we're getting at "the spot" responsible for their painHaving experienced this work many clients find themselves capable of self care treatment strategies for these points.


As Portlands preeminent Headache Massage Specialist Aaron works with the entire body, but finds great joy helping clients who suffer from TMJD, Migraine and Chronic Headache get their lives back. Rather than treating symptoms, this gentle yet effective work addresses the root causes of musculo-skeletal pain with advanced, less practiced techniques for the head, neck and shoulders, including Intra-oral massage when necessary for the treatment of TMJ disorder. 


Postural Assessment, and Movement Based Rehabilitative Care are his strategies, and therapies he employs are Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release as well as Trigger Point and Craniosacral Therapies.

"With experience in a variety of clinical settings and a focus on integrating massage into the greater health care paradigm, my goal is to help clients move beyond pain and injury and into a healthier, more productive lifestyle."


~ Aaron Allen LMT

Aaron Allen LMT: Chronic Headache & TMJ Massage Specialist



National Institutes of Health Headache Resource page


National Institutes of Health

TMJ Resource Page

National Institutes of Health

Migraine Resource Page

First time clients generally need only my Intake Form and Billing Policy. Occasionally, Intra-oral Massage and HIPPA Release Forms are necessary.


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"I highly recommend Aaron Allen, LMT. I was dealing with some serious pain centered in my jaw, face and head. It was particularly intense at night to the point that that I was unable to sleep. I had been to my dentist (thinking it must be dental), I had been to my medical doctor (thinking it must be a sinus issue). My wife found Aaron's practice online and booked me a massage session. I have been to him four times now and my pain issue is so much better, if not gone completely. I experienced serious and lasting relief after my second massage session. My wife and I are both grateful and very happy to endorse Aaron to those seeking pain relief."



"I had been experiencing intense jaw pain for a few months and decided to see Aaron to figure it out. I've never had my jaw worked on before and was a bit nervous about it. Aaron's calm and methodical approach took away any anxiety I had about intra-oral work. He communicated with me throughout the entire session about what I should be feeling and the purpose behind each technique. 
As a massage therapist myself, I would feel more than comfortable referring friends, family or clients to see Aaron for specialized headache and jaw work."



"Aaron listened to my needs and worked to create balance and change in my body that would address my hip discomfort, while keeping me comfortable and educating me about his techniques every step of the way! Aaron is a highly-trained professional who is incredibly knowledgable in his craft. I would recommend his fantastic work to all of my friends and family."



Tel: 503-206-6356

"I feel very fortunate to have found Aaron and to have taken advantage of consecutive 90 minute massage therapy sessions during the last month. Out of nowhere a TMJ issue suddenly had me feeling very frustrated, unable to chew food and in significant pain. Currently I'm sprinting to a full recovery that would not have been possible without his deft knowledge and skill. I appreciated his effortless balance of information sharing and empathic listening. My best self investment in a long time."

- Jonny

"One visit with Aaron made a noticeable difference. I felt better. Probably the best massage I've had."



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