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Covid-19 Health Measures

While no Interaction can be made to be completely risk free, reasonable people can make reasonable and flexible decisions based upon the best scientific information available in the moment, often relying on the advice of experts, to proceed with caution where all sides are in agreement that the risks involved are outweighed by the benefits of giving and receiving care.

In healthcare settings we describe the measures taken to prevent the spread of contagious disease as "Standard" or historically "Universal" Precautions, and in lay terms Standard Precautions roughly means treating every person and every surface as though they are possibly infectious at all times during every interaction. While I have always prided myself on the sanitation practices and cleanliness of my professional and personal spaces, I, like many others in the massage community experienced a wake up call with the Covid-19 pandemic to the realities of our closely knit society and the necessity to "up our game" to a medical standard.

The list below represents the actions I am currently implementing in my practice to ensure the safety of my clients, myself and my greater community as I return to work from pandemic absence, and while not exhaustive is offered along with the document links above in the spirit of transparency so that each individual may make their own risk/benefit analysis. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly should you have any questions or concerns regarding  your comfort and/or safety during any upcoming visit to our clinic.

  • Having received both doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine plus one booster shot, I've also personally been meeting remotely and in person with my own medical doctors, alternative and mental healthcare providers and collegial circles, as well as maintaining healthy diet and exercise and returning to receiving massage in an effort to model and maintain good health and good healthcare practices

  • Though I have returned to not wearing a mask for most interactions, I continue to keep medical grade n95 respirators on hand and welcome requests from clients who prefer to continue to work together masked.

  • Full practice space turn-over and disinfection, with one hour scheduled between each client for the full ventilation and sanitation of the space, including;

  • Practitioner face, hand and forearm scrub (past the elbow) with soap and water, as well as full change of outerwear clothing prior to every client

  • High temperature laundering of practitioner outerwear, as well as all table linens, blankets, towels and borrowed athletic wear after every use.


  • In room air filtration via WINIX brand, 4 stage HEPA filter, with 3rd party tested sufficient CADR (clean air delivery rate) and ACH (air changes per hour)) to filter the entire air column of the massage space 4-5 times every hour

  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer available for all visitors when immediate handwashing isn't feasible

  • Continuing to honor any Illness or injury related request to change or cancel any appointment.

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